Welcome to the K-12 Media Literacy wiki!

The definition of literacy continues to expand, and now includes media literacy (the ability to identify, analyze and evaluate media messages in multiple formats). The objective of this wiki is to compile related resources and lessons plans to assist teachers and librarians as they navigate the media literacy domain. Follow us on Twitter: @classicsixbooks, @mmflibrary, @booksandbytes, @mtechman

We're a group of Virginia librarians collaborating to implement the new Virginia media literacy standards. This wiki is not limited to the Virginia standards and we'd appreciate suggestions, questions or comments. Please contact:

Amy Blaine, MSLS
Librarian, Jamestown Elementary School

Julie Esanu, MLIS
Librarian, Oakridge Elementary School

Meghan Fatouros, MLS
Librarian, Abingdon Elementary School

Melissa Techman
Librarian, Broadus Wood Elementary School
Albemarle Couunty Public Schools

Updated: February 5, 2013

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