Look Up! The Billion-Bug Highway You Can't See
3.5 min animated video from NPR's Robert Krulwich on the large quantity of bugs
in the air above us.
Gives interesting examples and measurements. Vimeo.
How Much Does a Hurricane Weigh?
3 min animated video from NPR's Robert Krulwich on the amazing amount of water in clouds.
Good for measurement, comparison, forces, weather, water cycle, using media attention skills.
Also good for discussion of a successful way to present science concepts. Vimeo.
Meet the Artist - April Surgent
2.5 min video of Glass artist April Surgent. Overview of her process and how she uses local images and photography in her glass engraving work. Youtube.
John Lechner's Flip Book
Link takes you to his blog post where video is embedded. Play this delightful short wordless animation full screen and have students tell or write about the beginning, middle and end. (Combining media lit skills with story element knowledge!) The blog post describes the process he used. Have students guess how many pages of drawings are in this 40 second animation and then have them read his blog post to find the answer.
Great place to find videos! ->
The Kid Should See This
Focus on STEM storytelling.Always interesting.